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Nursing Research Happening at the University of San Diego

Published on: April 29, 2021

Health care in the United States is changing. People are living longer, many with chronic conditions that would have been considered fatal just a few decades ago. Technology is advancing the way diseases are diagnosed and treated. Public health has become a major priority in our communities.

With the shape of the health care landscape shifting so drastically, research is an essential tool needed to navigate the emerging trends in health care. Nursing research allows us to uncover and determine the best ways to provide patient care and increase the efficiency of health care delivery. 

How is nursing research improving health care delivery?

Nursing research is the commitment to rigorous scientific inquiry that provides the knowledge that helps advance nursing practice, shape health care policy, and impact the level of care received by patients. 

Here are some of the ways nursing research impacts health care delivery:

  • Nursing research influences the practice of nursing as a whole to improve outcomes for patients across the spectrum, from individuals to communities.
  • Nursing research can help streamline processes, ensuring that all aspects of health care delivery are as efficient as possible.
  • Nursing research contributes to the foundational knowledge of the field and supports the notion of evidence-based care, which forms the backbone of health care delivery.

Nursing Research Happening at USD

At the Hahn School of Nursing, both students and faculty share a dedication to improving patient outcomes through nursing research. Our faculty conduct research on topics ranging from post-traumatic stress in returning veterans to maternal depression among low-income, culturally diverse populations. 

As experienced researchers, our faculty are dedicated to developing students as scholars and helping them attain basic research skills through coursework and through the dissertation process. 

Underscoring our faculty’s outstanding experience is their commitment to creating individualized learning opportunities that truly engage our students. Students are encouraged to participate in a partnership of inquiry with our multidisciplinary faculty, expert clinicians and other doctoral students.

It’s a collaborative process, with faculty helping our students enhance their career opportunities through a focus on research—and the scholarship of discovery.

Learn about the ways you can be involved in the exciting research happening at USD. Check out our Guide to Achieving a PhD in Nursing.

Recognition of USD Student Research

Recently, three scholars represented the Hahn School of Nursing at the Scientist of the Year event held by Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS). ARCS Foundation advances science and technology in the United States by providing financial awards to academically outstanding students working toward degrees in science, engineering and medical research. 

The following USD students received awards for their research:

Byron Batz, 2nd Year PhD Student

Byron's research focus is on the caregiver's burden and its effects on the health of the caregiver. He explores the toll it often takes to care for another person with the goal of determining solutions to negative caregiver outcomes. 

Discover more of Byron's research as he explores health disparities among non-English speaking patients.

Dr. Nicole Martinez, 2020 PhD Graduate

The focus of Dr. Martinez’s research was on skin and soft tissue infections in the emergency department. Dr. Martinez is also a professor at USD SON and works as a nurse practitioner at a local hospital. 

Faculty Spotlight: Find out more about Dr. Martinez's work and interests in a recent interview.

Brooke Rakes, 3rd Year PhD Student

Brooke focused her research on the timing of therapeutic hypothermia and short-term infant outcomes. Her goal is to advance nursing science by improving neonatal neurological development and health care services.

You can also watch her presentation to ARCS at their Annual Membership Meeting.

Research is an integral part of USD nursing programs.

The Office of Nursing Research for the Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science is pleased to assist you in your research endeavors. The department is dedicated to guiding both novice and experienced nurses in developing their individual programs of research.

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